Pelletier's in the News

Below are a few of the articles written about Pelletier’s and its students in the local media.


People You Know: Sadie Landry

Published on Sunday, Jan 25, 2015

Mom, Sensei, Woman on the Go

Sadie Landry’s family moved from North Dakota to Lewiston when she was young for her father’s work, and it was tradition when each of the children turned 13 to go back there for the summer.

When she hit 13, she stayed with her grandmother, who worked in a bakery. It was a delicious few months.

“I ended up putting 40 pounds on over a summer,” Landry said…


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Teens raise funds for cancer

Published on Friday, Apr 11, 2008

Last fall, Lewiston High School seniors Abigale Pelletier and Allissa Chabot wanted to do something to raise money to help cancer patients.

Both have family members with cancer. Abigale’s father survived a brain tumor seven years ago, and just finished radiation for a second tumor. Allissa lost her grandfather to cancer when he was 65…

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Peru girl finds karate niche

Published on Tuesday, Jul 19, 2005

What’s black and white and gold all over? Junior National Karate Champion Kayla Provencher.

The 10-year-old Peru resident, daughter of Valerie Provencher, recently returned from the AAU National Karate Championships in Lakeland, Fla., where she brought home a gold medal in kumite (sparring), a bronze medal in kobudo (weapons), and a fourth-place finish in kata (form)…

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Published on Monday, Feb 11, 2008

Kayla Provencher was in class at Dirigo Middle School when she noticed her phone had a text message from her mom.

“I’m going to Japan!” the 13-year-old said she screamed, when she read the message.

She had just been invited to join the U.S. Junior team to compete in two Goodwill Games’ karate competitions…

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Building your self-defense tool box

Published on Saturday, Jun 21, 2008

For women, building a basic, self-defense “tool box” is a simple way to gain greater confidence and become more powerful, both physically and psychologically. Acquiring these tools is surprisingly easier than one may think…

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Amputee missing foot, but she still has her junior black belt

Published on Friday, May 29, 2009

Jaedyn Gousse makes the karate moves look effortless.

Kick, kick, kick.

Turn, kick, kick.

Tumble, roll, block.


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Pelletier’s team shines at nationals

Published on Saturday, Aug 15, 2009

Members of Pelletier’s Karate Academy in Lewiston shined in AAU national competitions this summer… Click here to see the rest: