School Talks

Children face many issues in life. There is a lot of talk these days about childhood obesity and the need for kids to be more active. The news regularly includes stories that began with instances of bullying. Our children need to know the importance of setting goals and how to attain them.

Through the various arts that we teach, we can speak to your class on a number of issues – and all can be done in the space of a regular classroom. Programs we offer include:

focus & discipline

Using the basics of karate, we teach students to focus with their eyes, minds, and bodies. The students will have fun while learning discipline and self-control in an active session.

concentration & imagination

Using yoga, we introduce the students to concentration drills, breathing exercises, and yoga poses to encourage them to use their imagination. This session is particularly appropriate for smaller children.

goal setting

This session teaches the students the importance of goal setting for success in any endeavor. To give very concrete skills to the students, we teach the Six Steps to Success as a means for setting goals.


Using some basic moves from both karate and yoga, we get the students up and moving to show them the importance of physical fitness and to show them that they can have fun at the same time.

If you are interested in having us visit your school or club, give us a call.