an activity for everyone

If you are looking for the perfect mind/body activity then you have found the right place. At Pelletier’s we realize that starting a new activity can be intimidating. That is why we specialize in working with beginners as well as more advanced practitioners. Our instructors are qualified professionals with extensive experience with children and adults. Every session at our dojo is like having a personal trainer right by your side.Our programs are family oriented and fun for all ages. We teach a traditional style of Okinawan Karate adapted to today’s lifestyles. Each individual sets his or her own goals and is encouraged to take the training to the level of his or her own capability, and schedule. You will also learn valuable self defense and awareness skills that could save your life or the life of a loved one. Those students interested in competition can learn Karate as a sport. We have consistently trained students to compete successfully at all levels from local to national.

5 benefits
of studying karate


The study of karate is not just the physical activities we practice. Even more than building a strong body, it is about building a strong character.


The skills you learn in karate and the achievement of reaching goals you have set through hard work build your confidence in yourself, carrying over to the rest of life.


Karate requires you to develop good habits and exercise self-control as you train. It also requires you to make the effort necessary to achieve your goal.


Karate challenges you to think as much as you act. You learn to focus with your eyes, mind, and body. Learning the forms and movements reinforces working memory.


Make no mistake: karate is a great workout! It is a total body workout building stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and strength.

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