Benefits of Studying Karate

The study of karate is not just the physical activities we practice. Karate is about building a stronger you: mind and body. Karate teaches humility, self-control, integrity, courtesy, discipline, and perseverance.

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Mike, parent

Our kids enjoy class and have learned not only karate but perseverance and not giving up. Friendly staff that truly care.

Mary, black belt and parent

I have been with Pelletier's since 2001, my daughter since she was born. I have loved every moment I have been here and will stay until I can no longer move.

Scotty, age 6

Dojo precept #7: Super awesome Sensei!

Amy, parent

My two boys (ages 5 & 8) have been at Pelletier's for just over a year now. They have learned so much more than just karate. I believe karate and specifically Pelletier's Karate will help shape them into fine, young boys.

Zachary, parent

Pelletier's Karate Academy is a great place. They teach much more than karate. The students learn life-long skills such as self-esteem, discipline, self-control, and humility.

Melissa, black belt and parent

Learning karate/self-defense techniques has changed my life. I have been a part of the Pelletier's family for thirteen years and now have my daughter enrolled in classes. As soon as my son turns 3, he will be enrolled as well.

Terris, parent

The staff work so well with the students. Unbelievable the patience they exhibit.

Kim, student and parent

Amazing group of very welcoming people. Laid back atmosphere. I think my family will fit in great here!

Jessica, student

Cardio kick boxing is amazing!